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truth about window tinting

The truth is out there

The truth is window tinting is a subject that not many people know a lot about. If your one of them, there’s no need to worry! We’re here to provide you with all the facts to help you make your decision about tinting your vehicle.

myths and truths window tint

Window tinting is pointless because it just turns purple and bubbles up!

The truth is…That nasty purple tint you see on other peoples car (you know, that friend with the bubbly back window) is the result of using a low-grade film.  Most professional window films should easily last 10-15 years before you notice any flaws from normal wear and tear. This is why at Premier Tint Pros, we only use LLumar film backed with a nationwide lifetime warranty.

 Window tinting makes it hard to see.

The truth is…There is a wide variety of different tint shades to choose from. The darkest film offered is 5%, otherwise known as “limo”. The lightest film we offer is 80%.  In the end, it all comes down to what you think will look the best.  If your interested in seeing what your car would look like with window tint, check out our interactive window tint viewer. There you can select your vehicles year, make, model, color and then simply choose different shades from the options below to see what they would look like on your vehicle.

All window tint does is give you a little shade.

The truth is… Window tint has much more benefits than cosmetics alone. While many people get there windows tinting for purely cosmetic reasons, window tint is also made to block harmful UV rays that can penetrate the skin and lead to health problems down the road. Another big upside to adding more UV protection to your car is that you no longer have to worry about fading interior from the sun.

 Window tinting cost a lot of money.

The Truth is… Window tinting can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. Like most professional windows tinting shops, we offer three levels of window film to choose from. Providing options like this allows you to choose from a more affordable option like our ATC died film or a more expensive high-end film with long-lasting protection for your new vehicles with our CTX ceramic film. You can learn more about different film options here.

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